Life Without Craig

It’s been a little over two weeks since Craig passed away. He took his last breaths on the morning of August 28th, but it still feels like yesterday. Family has gone back home to Ca, except for Gary who has been nice enough to stay put for a couple of weeks to soften the blow of a quiet house. Because we already had a big celebration with Craig in Dana Point, we didn’t have another memorial down in Cali, but last night my friends in Portland threw a really amazing ‘happy hour’ memorial for Craig and his brothers Mike and Gary were able to be part of it.

I can’t fully express the gratitude the Brandmeier Family has for everyone who has taken the time to follow our story, send encouragement, and make a difference in the world by spreading Leukemia awareness and becoming part of the national marrow registry. With what little time Craig was given on this earth, he worked until the end and never stopped laughing, loving and being kind. We are so proud of him!

In honor of Craig, please continue to help these causes:

THE AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY- Relay For Life Dana Point, Oct. 2-3, 2010
Join Team Craig– sign up, show up, donate, and/or raise donations!

BE THE MATCH – National Marrow Donor Program
Save A Life– grow the registry, become a registered donor, support financially!

Make September a Blood Cancer Awareness Month– be in the know about blood cancers, donate, take action!

No young adult survivor alone. Ever.– got cancer? under 40? sucks, huh?

If nothing else, donate some blood or platelets!– patients with blood diseases like Craig need lots of transfusions. Please help us give back!

Rest in peace, Craig.