First Bone Marrow Results

Well yesterday, we found out that, so far, my bone marrow is free of any cancerous cells!  This is great news and we are so excited for the future and what is to come. I am still on the 100 day “house arrest” so I have been a little bored but I am taking it very serious so I don’t get sick at all. Over the last couple days I have developed some sort of rash on my face which looks to be signs of graft vs. host disease. The doctors don’t seem to be that concerned so we are treating it with a steroid cream for starters. This is a great breakthrough but always remember that these results are not 100% and it could come back so please keep up the prayers. I am still feeling sick and weak daily but I know in time it will break.  I am hanging in there fighting, not just for me but for EVERYONE. No going home for the holidays- it’s too risky to get on a plane at this time which is a bummer, but it looks like my parents will come up right after Christmas for a few days. Soon we will be planning a big “reception” party at my parents house in celebration of our wedding as well as this year’s battle.  We are looking forward to this!

Hope all is well with everyone- we think about you all every day,

The Brandmeiers