Waiting for relief…

Since our last update, we decided, with the doctor’s help, to go ahead with another round of chemo. The purpose of this would be to slow down the progression of Craig’s leukemia and possibly give him a little more time. Right before we began treatment, Craig started experiencing a lot of pain and bloating in his abdomen and so he was admitted to the hospital to figure out what was going on. CT scans showed the leukemia has grown in spots on his liver, lower lungs, and intestines among a few other places. This is the cause of all kinds of pain and breathing issues, as there is a lot of pressure in his belly and some fluid in his lungs. They decided to proceed with the chemo, in hopes that it might have an effect on the growths and ease his pain. He just finished his last dose yesterday (it was a 5-day round). It may take a few more days for us to see any improvement.

Craig has been reunited with his “buddy,” the button that self-administers pain meds from a pump. He is also on oxygen to help him with his breathing. Judy and Brad have been up here with us for the last week and plan to stay until this weekend. Today we are discussing a game plan for coming home from the hospital. We will be needing a lot of support for care at home with the amount of pain and complications Craig is having, and hospice may be the best option for us at this point. This does not mean we cannot continue treatments in the future- it only means we will have a great resource for help and comfort at home right now. We are hoping to bring him home tonight at the earliest, but most likely tomorrow.

Love you all,

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