The end is coming! :(

Well we have known for some time now and I have posted it on my facebook and so forth, but the doctors have told us that no more rounds of chemo are going to work and will only make things worse for me. They give me anywhere from a week to 3 months to live, this has devastated our family and has been very hard on all of us. I don’t feel that I am giving up and truly felt I have lived a great life and supported people going through the same thing. Kat will continue to live in Portland after I pass away she will be working a new job and and I hope to get a new house or apartment that will be closer to her work as well as her friends. Please consider donating, any amount will do and will go towards helping Kat with the medical bills and her future.

I only ask from everyone that know’s Kat and my family that you continue to support them and be there for them, call them, hug them and just tell them you love them. They will need this support from all you people for awhile, so please help me help them.

I may be allowed to go home tomorrow so that is some good news, but we are just waiting to see how counts look tonight and if I pop a fever over the night. They will send me home with lots of pain medications as well as antibiotics.

Become a Bone Marrow Donor
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When it prompts you for a promo code enter in TRUELIFE2010 – this will sign you up under my name as well as it will waive the 52 dollar sign up fee. If you are able to donate any amount to this non-profit organization, it really helps with all the cost involved with testing and typing for these kits.

I am still broadcasting a live webcam from my house so you can tune in around 7:00 pm, visit to visit me live!

Lots of love and support to you all, Please if you have money to spare please click donate. The money will go towards Kat so that she can pay off some of the bills that I will leave her behind. Thanks everyone!