Just enjoying time at home

The last marrow biopsy showed that Rick’s donors cells are now 100% my own cells. This means that out of samples they have taken they see no signs of any of my old cells, and so now the hope is that Rick’s cells are busy killing any remaining Leukemia cells! Next biopsy is scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving.


Kats birthday was yesterday and it was one of the only major events I have been not in a hospital for in a year. It was great to spend it with her and Gary! MTV is finishing up my “True-Life : I am having major surgery” on Monday and looks like it may air in December- I will update once I know more. They have been filming my story since the end of July and I hope it will inspire more people to become registered bone marrow donors!


I have developed some graft vs host- which looks like a bad fake tan on my face. It’s a reaction of Rick’s cells attacking my own cells. This can be a very serious thing but they are treating it with steroids and so far it is under control. Only problem is the steroids are not very fun to be on- they make me moody and I get random pains in my bones. I can’t sleep and I can’t stop eating! Other than that, not much new – just going to the hospital at least twice a week right now to have blood levels tested and such. We are on day 47 today so that means 53 more days ’til I am offically off of house arrest!


We hope you all have a great holiday and will update with some new pics soon!