Craig is home from a 6-day chemo treatment in the hospital. This time, his doctors used the MFAC regimen. It is a combo of Mylotarg, Fludarabine, Cytarabine, and Cyclosporine. He gets a shot in the arm of Neupogen every day for the next two weeks to increase his white blood cells because they will be so low for so long (I get to be the lucky shot-giver) Craig is happy to be home, although he says he feels worse than he did after the transplant. Perhaps it is this new regimen, maybe it’s just the toll all these poisons have taken on his body round after round. He has been so brave through it all, how he puts up with all this is beyond me.

The goal of this round’s treatment is to get the leukemia back into remission. Craig’s doctors have not yet talked to us about what options we have once it is in remission. All we know is that ‘remission’ in our case has proven not to last very long.

But for now, we are waiting out the next few weeks, being vigilant of Craig’s counts and staying away from crowds and sickos. My mom has been staying with us for the last couple of weeks and Craig’s parents will be up here at the end of the month. It has been good to see family.
We will post when we have more news! Xoxo, Kat