After we’ve had relentless snow and rainstorms, today the Portland skies have opened up a bit to let a hopeful sun make it all shimmer. It might not last too long, but it’s enough to make this winter day different than all the others.

Craig has been handling his first month of consolidation chemo very well. This week his counts will be at their lowest, so we will refrain from juggling knives or shaking hands with runny-nosed people 😀 We are excited that Craig’s brother Mike, with his wife Michelle and their daughter Brooke, might be coming up to visit us at the end of the month!

Our search for a stem cell donor has officially begun, as Rick and Gary have taken their tests today and sent them back to the lab. We should hear results in about a week. For more info on stem cell transplants and donors, go to -It is the step in Craig’s treatment that we are most nervous about.

Sending love your way,
Kat and Craig