Still searching


Craig is a hard match. That’s what we learned last week from the doctors. So far, out of all of the registries, national and international, there is only a single potential match- just one! Potential, as in, that one person will need further testing to see if it is 100%. We are eagerly waiting to see if there might be any news on this person in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, our transplant coordinaters and searchers are still working on finding other matches. Keep your fingers crossed!

Many people have been asking us how they can be tested to see if they are a match for Craig. It is not exactly feasible for one person to be tested for a single person, unless they are a sibling or parent. It is very costly and very unlikely that it would be a match. The only option to help in this way is to register through the national donor program (check out A test kit costs about $50. It gets sent to you and all you have to do is a cheek swab, and send it back. Sometimes there are free testing sites at blood drives, where they waive the cost of the test kit.

By going through the national registry, you are not only broadening Craig’s search for a donor, but for so many others in similar situations. Right now he has ONE potential match. You may not be a match for Craig, but imagine if you were another person’s only match. You could very literally and directly save somone’s life by becoming a registered donor.

That may be too heavy of a favor to ask, we understand. If nothing else, check out a local blood drive to help us give back what we have used from the blood banks.