Perfect Day For A Bubble Gum Binge

Results are in!  Craig’s marrow shows zero Leukemia- wahooooo!  His blood counts are still quite low. It appears that last month’s MRSA episode is still causing trouble in the blood factory department…but white cells are for losers anyway, right?

Also, our tiny Craig is starting to pork up- he has gained 7 pounds since Wednesday. Too bad all the bubble gum he’s been craving doesn’t have fat in it!  I think we have one of every brand and every flavor possible in our house (thanks, Bre, for the year’s supply of Grape Big League Chew)!

This week’s agenda includes several scans of Craig’s heart/chest to make sure that his heart and lungs are still strong enough to endure transplant treatments.  Here’s hoping for more good news.

It is great to hear from you all.