Happy Birthday ME!

Well, I made it! Another birthday under my belt, and more to come as I continue to fight my way to a healthy and worry free life.

I had a bone marrow biopsy done last week that showed my marrow is still clear of any cancer despite the bump on my chest that proved to have cancer in it last time. The bump was biopsied Tuesday to see what is going on in there. Like I said – last time the bump proved to have Leukemia inside of it so we are a little worried that it has returned after the chemotherapy. I also had a CT scan to see if there are more bumps that we can’t see on the skin yet, and to figure out how we should treat it.

It sounds like the next step is to radiate the bump and get rid of it. Then we go back to Chemo and then we talk about transplants once everything is back under control.

So I ask you all, have a drink for me! Lets celebrate this year, and to another year of fighting and winning!