Home for 4 days back in hospital! Ugh

Well I finished my round of 6 days of chemotherapy and was able to go home on July 4th which was nice considering I was in the hospital for the last 4th. I started radiation on the 6th and will go till this coming Friday, so a total of 9 days. I think between the chemotherapy and radiation I have been very tired and week but overall feel ok.

We asked my mom to come up on Thursday to help out since daily activities like driving to the clinic and the everyday radiation is a little tough on me while Kats working. When she got here Thursday night I popped a fever and spent about 14 hours in the ER waiting for a room. So far I haven’t popped another fever but one of my blood cultures did show I had an infection, so they have started antibiotics and sounds like they will stop them tomorrow Sunday to see if I pop any fevers without them before they send me home hopefully on Monday!

So next week 5 more days of radiation and then waiting for my counts to come back up. Then probably another bone marrow biopsy to see what the status is of the cancer in the bone marrow, and then talks about the next transplant.

Thanks for the continued love and support.