Day 30

Hi friends and family! It’s a month after the transplant and things are looking good still. How I feel is a different story- recovery from this transplant is much slower than anything in the past. I am tired and nauseous for most of my day. I have been too weak to do much of anything- heck, updating this blog has been my big task for today.  I go in to the hospital clinic several times a week to have my blood tested for any issues or signs of graft vs. host.

I will be on what I call ‘house arrest’ for the next 70 days.  I am supposed to avoid crowds and public places, wear a mask if I go outside, and I can’t eat restaurant food or take-out.

Gary went home for a long weekend, so Kat is staying home from work to take care of me.  We are enjoying our time together, even when there isn’t much I can do.  She is an amazing wife and I love her to the moon and back.