Bad news always sucks.

A set of three doctors walked into my room this morning – the look on there face (not good) The doctors proceeded to tell me that the lump’s I have had in the past have worked there way into the stomach and chest in areas where radiation and/or surgery is not possible – I was devastated. Before I really could take in all of what they were telling me I started asking questions. I asked if there was ANY way at all they they could treat these lumps and make them go away… They did say that maybe a different type of chemo could do the trick but they aren’t 100% sure. As they left the room I could not control the tears and pain from what I was just told, It was like a slap in the face and then some.

My main Dr. will be back in the hospital tomorrow and he will give it to me straight and tell me what we can do.

So yup this sucks, but I keep on staying positive and ready for what’s ready in the future. I am willing to whatever it takes to kill this stuff.