Day 3

Days 1 and 2 went well for Craig.  Today, however, his heart has become inflamed and it is causing is a great amount of pain in his chest.  An inflamed heart sac (it’s called pericarditis) is a side effect of one of the drugs included in Craig’s chemotherapy regimen. Despite the inflammation and pain, his heart is still functioning pretty well.  Regardless, Craig’s transplant requires more of this chemo today and tomorrow (days 3 and 4) in order to prevent complications later. Craig knows that he will have to fight through this pain until the chemo is done, because we have to get through this very important step of the process.  Right now they have given him morphine. He will get his “buddy” back, a button he can push when he wants.

It was inevitable that there would be some hiccup- we just weren’t sure about how soon.  For now, I am praying for Craig’s comfort.  I’ll keep posting as much as I can!