The big news.

Hi everyone, we have some big news. We met with my stem cell transplant doctor as well as a new transplant doctor, they are both working together to come up with a good plan for me. Well the first thing we found out is, i won’t find a donor for a full match stem cell transplant, reason being is my typing is so rare and they can tell based on statics. Please note that we still encourage everyone that can to become a donor – save a life. There are two transplant options that  they considered one is a mismatch donor someone that’s not 100% and also a haplo identical transplant which is one of my brothers who is a 50% match. The problem with both of these transplants is that they have a 50% chance of death from the transplant alone, this is due to a huge problem with host vs graft disease.

The doctors believe that i have about a 40-50% chance to just stay in remission forever, which is a lot higher then we originally thought. So right now what do we do? Well i am having another bone marrow biopsy in about two weeks, this biopsy if it shows a % of less then 1% residual disease (cancer) in my bone marrow that they suggest i don’t do anything and that we just go on with life and get checked a couple times a month. My last bone marrow biopsy before i started my consolidation chemo was .08% so i truly believe it will be zero. So that’s the news, we wait for the biopsy and go from there, i appreciate all the love and support and cards from everyone.