Cancer here I come!!!

Let me start off with a WOW what a crazy and fun week we have had. First we went down to California for the weekend (3rd-6th) and had a blast with the family. Kat got to see some of her family as well and we had a big giant sleep over at the parents. We then returned to home where some of our good friends and Kat’s co-workers/ex-co-workers had a Vegas themed party to help raise some money for us, it was a blast and was very successful. It is so amazing to have friends and family that love and support us, we can only hope to do the same for them in the future!

We met with Dr. G (transplant Doctor) yesterday and, I start another round of maintenance chemotherapy next week – just to make sure I stay in remission. It looks like there will be another transplant in the future about 1-2 months from now – It’s called a Cord Transplant (where they use an umbilical cord from a baby to do another transplant of stem cells.) The Doctor say’s there are no guarantees with this transplant and that it will be a challenge, but what do I say?

So chemo early next week – my whole family will be up for my birthday on the 25th 🙂 crossing my fingers that I will be home for my birthday.

Thanks again to everyone for all the love all the support and just being amazing people.

The Brandmeiers