On Friday, the 31st, I got to come home!! How amazing it is to be at home!  I love being around my wife and family. So far it has been really hard- I lost about 30 pounds, so you can imagine my problems. Getting up on my own and moving around is very hard. I need someone to walk with me to make sure I don’t fall. If we go to transplant it will end up being very soon (4-5 weeks) but all of this depends on my marrow looking good. We go to the hospital tomorrow for a bone marrow biopsy. This biopsy, as well as how fast I can rebuild my strength and weight, will determine when I get the transplant. As of today, I feel a ton better- I can walk and get up on my own, right now the ball is in my court to get healthy as quickly as I can. I thank everyone for their comments over the past month, I don’t remember much of the 28 days but it means a lot to me that you have been pushing for me .

I WILL BEAT THIS! – Bone marrow, you ARE going to be clear.

Love you all Craig/Kat