Day 182: On Relapse and Staying Relentless.

We have been enjoying an almost normal life for the last 6 months. We’ve been lucky to have only a handful of scares which turned out to be fixable. Yesterday morning at 8am, a phone call from Dr. G brought us to our knees with heartache. The bump on Craig’s chest was biopsied and shown to be a clear sign of relapse. We spent the day at OHSU getting an emergency bone marrow biopsy to see if there is Leukemia already in Craig’s marrow. Today he will have a PET scan to see if there are any more areas of concern in his body. We will meet with Dr. G on Tuesday to discuss our options…

With each relapse, Craig’s chance for long term survival is torn in half, but his will to live only grows stronger. We are devastated, but we will get through this, and we know how many of you are sending love our way. We also know that this never-ending fight rings true for thousands of other patients with Leukemia and the likes. You can help give us all hope by considering registering to be someone’s marrow match at (see link below) and telling all your friends to join, too!

If you saw Craig’s episode of ‘True Life: I Need A Trasplant’ on MTV and want to know how you can help people in his situation, then you should become a registered bone marrow donor. Please visit BeTheMatch to check it out and register – when asked for a promo code please enter in truelife2010 this will waive the $52 dollar test kit fee and register you under our name so we can keep track of how many people we’ve inspired to save a life.

Thank you all for your relentless support.
-Kat and Craig