Transplant postponed

The transplant had been scheduled for early July but after the doctors have spoken they feel another round of consolidation chemo is a must before transplant. So that means the process will begin in 6 weeks (tentatively Aug. 4th).  The transplant will include 5 days of chemo and a day of full body radiation. Day ZERO will be the last day of the preparative treatment and the day of the transplant. Rick, my little brother, is going to be my half match donor.  On Day Zero they will put Rick asleep and harvest the marrow from his lower back.  Thanks, brother!

In the meantime, I will be staying at the OHSU for a week to receive another session of chemo to keep me in remission.  My mom is here now and my Dad, Rick and Gary will be joining us shortly to celebrate my birthday on the 25th.  I’m bummed I will be in the hospital for their visit, but family is the best medicine for me and I’ll take a dose of that anywhere.

Thanks to everyone who came/volunteered/dontated at the Dana Point marrow drive earlier this month!  Kat and I wish we could have been there to see everyone.  It is very exciting to think that someone from our community may have the chance to save a life!