Home again – but not for long.

Well yesterday was the first day we met with the doctor in a couple of months. He DID confirm that my bone marrow is clean and that everything looks great from that stand point. He did let us know that time is precious and that we know we aren’t in a good situation at all.

So the plan – right now wait a few weeks, make sure that all my tests look good CAT scan, chest x Ray, blood. So mid June we are looking at another high dose of chemo to make sure I stay in remission. Then 2 big ways to go, 1 use more of ricks cells to trigger more graft vs host – but almost all results with a half match result in death because of graft vs host – so the doc obviously doesn’t like this one right now but changes his mind frequently. 2nd is to do another transplant with an umbilical cord from a mis match – the problem with that is it takes long to produce good strong white cells so your risk of infection is very high and will cause death, as well as umbilical transplant don’t usually last long.

So right now all I know is that thing don’t look so hot in my favor. I just will enjoy more time with my loved ones since I know my time may be up soon. I will continue to fight for my right to live and to have a wonderful life.