Day 20

Hi everyone!!!!  We finally have good news to report!  Craig is finally starting to recover from whatever it was that kicked his butt.  He is on his 20th day in the hospital, but was moved last night from the ICU onto his normal floor.  He is still pretty tired from not eating or moving much these last couple of weeks.  His greatest goals now are nutrition, physical movement, and getting those white cell counts up so he can get home!  Craig’s doctors feel he should still be able to have his transplant by September.

Judy and Brad were here since Saturday.  It was hard for them to see Craig so sick, but I am so glad they were able to see him improve after they arrived. We have begun filming a with an awesome gal for a documentary show called True Life.  Craig is hoping to raise Leukemia awareness and encourage anyone who watches to consider becoming a stem cell/bone marrow donor.  The show should air this winter, we will let you know for sure!

Until our next update,

We love you!

-Kat and Craig