Minus One

Craig breezed through 5 days of chemotherapy and just got back into his hospital room after his single radiation session.  He received 16 minutes of total body irradiation, standing sandwiched between two thick panels of glass.  He breezed through that, as well.  He asked for chips and salsa as soon as he got settled in his room, so Brad and Uncle Fred drove down the hill to get corn chips and a jar of salsa from the market. It’s not nearly as delicious as their freshly made counterparts, but it will do for now since Craig is restricted to a low-bacteria diet.

Judy and Brad are here.  Uncle Fred drove down from Seattle to visit.  Gail and Peter (Kat’s parents) drove up from Sacramento. Tomorrow, Day Zero will begin bright an early with Rick’s 6am check-in and 7:30am procedure.  This should last a couple of hours and Rick may need to stay overnight depending on how intensly the harvesting goes.  Craig will be infused with Rick’s marrow, a process that only takes a couple of hours and, we are told, is actually quite boring.

We like boring, though.

Thank you all for lifting us up during this time.  We look forward to reporting more easy breezy days.

-Craig and Kat