Have you registered yet?

A little bug brought Craig back in to the hospital for the first time since his transplant in September, but as luck would have it, he was released after the weekend with no sign of fever. Still going strong!

In even more exciting news, Craig will be hosting an online marrow donor drive for the next couple of months and we want your help!****Even if you already registered, please forward this info to any of your friends and family who might consider this.****
Becoming a registered marrow donor is easy and painless. It means YOU could be the one to save the life of someone for whom a stem cell transplant depends on finding a matched donor. And for a limited time, it’s FREE! Check out the process below:
1. Go to marrow.org and click “Join the Registry”
2. Answer a few minutes of questions about yourself.
3. When prompted, enter promo code craig210. The usual $52 fee is waived.
4. A test kit will arrive in your mail. Follow the directions to swab your cheeks with Q-tip-like thingys. NO NEEDLES, folks!
5. Pop that kit back in the mail. In a couple of weeks, you will be officially registered for life. You may or may not ever be called, but you are a HERO, nonetheless. And you won’t have had to leave the house!

*And if you are worried marrow will be painfully extracted from your back while you are wide awake, like Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy or Will Smith in Seven Pounds, then you really should check out Myths Vs. Facts, because that is NOT HOW IT WORKS! In almost all cases, surgery is not necessary, and donating marrow (stem cells) is like donating blood.*
Please pass it on! You could be someone’s ONLY match in the world, like this guy: